Visual Snow

Visual Snow

Visual Snow (VS) is the persisting visual symptom of seeing snow or television-like static across their visual field. The snow and static tends to be worse in the dark, but can be seen in all lighting conditions.

The term Visual Snow is rather limiting for the condition, as there are numerous symptoms that patients experience above and beyond Visual Snow. 

Many people with Visual Snow are also light sensitive, suffer from migraines, have night blindness, see after images(palinopsia), vitreous floaters, entopic phenomenon, glare, halos, starbursts, trails, double vision, odd colors and shapes. 

Many sufferers also have non-visual symptoms such as fatigue, tinnitus or depersonalization and derealisation.

It is important for you to realize that this is a 24/7 condition for these sufferers. The symptoms do not ever go away, even with their eyes closed.

Visual Snow Research

Prof. Goadsby and Dr. Schankin are 100% committed to this research. They believe they found the area of the brain where VS is coming from. Hopefully this will lead to a treatment plan. 

The full 2014 Visual Snow Research Paper:

2015 article with additional findings to the 2014 Research Paper:

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